SUNY-ESF / Muskellunge Numbers Drop As Virus Invades St. Lawrence

SUNY-ESF Research for Sustainable Northeast: Muskellunge Numbers Drop as Virus Invades St. Lawrence – Researchers at ESFs Thousand Islands Biological Station on Governors Island in the St. Lawrence River believe that viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS), a highly contagious illness, has killed thousands of muskellunge in the river.

Muskellunge Bluegrass ‘Sittin’ On The Front Porch Watchin’ The Storm Roll In’ PIP 2010

Flagstaff summer monsoons inspired singer-songwriter Nolan McKelvey on this one.

Muskellunge Bluegrass performed at Pickin’ In the Pines Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival, held Sep 17-19, 2010, at the Pine Mt. Amphitheater in Flagstaff, AZ, organized by Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music (FFOTM).

Muskellunge Bluegrass consists of Nolan McKelvey (Vocals/Guitar), Aaron Tyler (Mandolin/Vocals), Tim Hogan (Bass/Vocals), and Frank Dedera (Banjo), performing original and traditional bluegrass music.

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Muskellunge Bluegrass

Pickin’ In the Pines Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival


The Mighty Muskellunge.

Muskellunge Gastric Lavage

This video was taken as part of a feeding study conducted on Muskellunge and Striped Bass at the Mactaquac Dam on the Saint John River, NB. This project, conducted by two graduate students from the Canadian Rivers Institute at UNB intends to quantify the feeding ecology of these predators below a large hydroelectric facility. The fish are caught as part of regular trap/truck operations at the “fish-lift” as well as through angling. The fish are lightly sedated in clove oil and then have their stomach pumped using a bilge pumped and some plastic tubing. All stomach contents are identified to species (if possible). This project was funded by the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation.

Fishing Myths: Muskellunge

First video of our new Fishing Myths series, many more to come!
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Aggressive Fish – Muskie

Fishing for the most aggressive freshwater fish, the muskellunge. Better known as the Muskie.

Lake St Clair, world class fishing!

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TROPHY Muskellunge!

Huge Muskie, measured 44 inches on the dot. Please like and subscribe for more content!

Muskellunge: Wisconsin’s State Fish

DNR Ichthyologist John Lyons offers a hands-on lesson on the Muskellunge, or Musky, the state fish of Wisconsin. It can grow to be heavier than 60lbs in weight and almost 60 inches long. How does it get that big? It will eat anything it can fit into its mouth. This is the trophy fish that brings anglers from around the country to Wisconsin’s lakes.

Finding An Agate At Muskellunge

Agate hunting in late November at Muskellunge State Park in 2014