38inch Muskellunge caught by me in Dunkard Creek near Diliner, PA. Later that day I caught a 36 inch Muskellunge.

We weren’t fishing for Muskellunge.

Lure: #7 Rapala Shad Rap
Line: 12 pound test SpiderWire EZ Mono
Reel: Shakesphere Synergy
———-I believe these two fish stressed the reel out too much, as the line release broke a few weeks later. I didn’t prefer the reel and rod anyway so it isn’t a big loss.
–I think the #7 Shad Rap was perfect for these little musky.
Area: Dunkard Creek, near Diliner in Southwest Pennsylvania. Upstream from where the creek flows into the Mon River.
Camera: Is NOT a GoPro. It is a Canon Powershot SX500 hanging around my neck.