This clip was made as a DVD and was used for the Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin Annual Awards Banquet on March 29, 2009. Once the clip starts, the first frame shows the DVD menu with 4 chapters. Obviously, the DVD menu doesn’t work here in this You Tube clip. Chapter 1 shows all of the awards that were presented. Each award picture displays for 3 seconds – long enough to pause the DVD while the award was presented and also allowed the recipient to share his/her story about the fish being displayed. After Chapter 1, the DVD returned to the main DVD menu. Chapter 2 (starting at the 1:19mark) was a funny little clip that showed all 40 club member pictures from the 2008 fishing season in just 6 seconds — accompanied by an up-beat yodeling tune by Kerry Christensen. 🙂 Immediately following the very short chapter 2 is a music video that includes those same 40 member photos (from chapter 2) accompanied by a song about a big muskie called Fence Post by Joe Weiss. We played chapter’s 2 & 3 while people were were gathering and then again while we were eating – just before the awards were presented. Chapter 4 was shown just after the awards presentation when Bruce Spangenberg (club President) and Russ Ruland memorialized Tom Brent – a member who passed away in 2008.