The Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin celebrates member success pics from the 2016 in this member photo collection. This year’s submission is in HD 1080P! Enjoy! This is the 9th year in a row we’ve produced and shared our year-in-review member photo collection here on YouTube. The credits at the end include title and artists for the 2 songs/music used in the collection. A HUGE “Thank You” goes to all of our MCW members who submitted their muskie fishing photos. Without submissions from our members, this production would not be possible. This year’s collection includes: a) 135 individual photos, b) 1 video; c) 38 MCW members in muskie pics plus d) 6 non-muskie member fish pics; e) ; j) 51 individuals including Steve, Brian, Brandon, Roxanne, Daymin, Xzavin, Kyliegh, John, Craig, Mary, Tom, Barry, Chad, Chuck, Reily, Kurt, Tbone, Callen, Andy, Dave, Ben, Brenda, Greg, Abe, Adam, Chris, Deb, Mike, Russ, Mark, Scott, Rosco, Patrick, Rich, Doris, Anna, Thomas, Alisha, Michael, and Dan. Be sure to check out all the other MCW photo collections on our YouTube Channel. Who knows what’s in store for next year! 🙂