Aggressive Fish – Muskie

Fishing for the most aggressive freshwater fish, the muskellunge. Better known as the Muskie.

Lake St Clair, world class fishing!

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TROPHY Muskellunge!

Huge Muskie, measured 44 inches on the dot. Please like and subscribe for more content!

Muskellunge: Wisconsin’s State Fish

DNR Ichthyologist John Lyons offers a hands-on lesson on the Muskellunge, or Musky, the state fish of Wisconsin. It can grow to be heavier than 60lbs in weight and almost 60 inches long. How does it get that big? It will eat anything it can fit into its mouth. This is the trophy fish that brings anglers from around the country to Wisconsin’s lakes.

Finding An Agate At Muskellunge

Agate hunting in late November at Muskellunge State Park in 2014

Muskellunge Bluegrass Plays Flagstaff Brewing CO.

Flagstaff Brewing Company welcomes in Spring by opening up their patio. Great burgers and brew were being had by everyone there. If you come to Flagstaff on vacation you have to give Flag Brew a try. Their brew is some of the best and their burgers are mighty tasty!

Muskellunge Club Of Wisconsin 2008 Member Photo Collection

This clip was made as a DVD and was used for the Muskellunge Club of Wisconsin Annual Awards Banquet on March 29, 2009. Once the clip starts, the first frame shows the DVD menu with 4 chapters. Obviously, the DVD menu doesn’t work here in this You Tube clip. Chapter 1 shows all of the awards that were presented. Each award picture displays for 3 seconds – long enough to pause the DVD while the award was presented and also allowed the recipient to share his/her story about the fish being displayed. After Chapter 1, the DVD returned to the main DVD menu. Chapter 2 (starting at the 1:19mark) was a funny little clip that showed all 40 club member pictures from the 2008 fishing season in just 6 seconds — accompanied by an up-beat yodeling tune by Kerry Christensen. 🙂 Immediately following the very short chapter 2 is a music video that includes those same 40 member photos (from chapter 2) accompanied by a song about a big muskie called Fence Post by Joe Weiss. We played chapter’s 2 & 3 while people were were gathering and then again while we were eating – just before the awards were presented. Chapter 4 was shown just after the awards presentation when Bruce Spangenberg (club President) and Russ Ruland memorialized Tom Brent – a member who passed away in 2008.

World Record Musky – Muskellunge Catch And Release

World Record Musky Catch and Release – vintage fishing footage, record may be broken now

Record muskellunge

Muskellunge Bluegrass ‘Jackson’ PIP 2010

Nolan McKelvey does a spellcasting job on this Lucinda Williams song.

Muskellunge Bluegrass performed at Pickin’ In the Pines Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival, held Sep 17-19, 2010, at the Pine Mt. Amphitheater in Flagstaff, AZ, organized by Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music (FFOTM).

Muskellunge Bluegrass consists of Nolan McKelvey (Vocals/Guitar), Aaron Tyler (Mandolin/Vocals), Tim Hogan (Bass/Vocals), and Frank Dedera (Banjo), performing original and traditional bluegrass music.

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Muskellunge Bluegrass

Pickin’ In the Pines Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival

Big Muskellunge Campground Sites 339-382, Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest

Photographs and slideshow by John Wanserski, copyright 2012 Creative Juice LLC.

Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest

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